Links to Online Stories

Artwork by Nathan Kubes

Here are several links to stories that have appeared in various print and online literary magazines.  Happy reading!

“Four” first appeared in Watershed Review.

“Willafred’s Body” first appeared in Tupelo Quarterly.

“The Tattoo Artist” first appeared in Antiserious.

“The Crash” first appeared in Valparaiso Fiction Review.

“The Pollination Circuit” first appeared in The Puritan.

“Wishes” was first published in Betwixt.

“Teaching Kindergarten In Thailand While Contemplating Fortune Cookie Fortunes Found In My Purse” (a creative nonfiction piece) first appeared in Atticus Review.

“Octavia” (a poem!) first appeared in Parody Poetry.

“All the Saints Are Looking Through Your Trash” (another poem!) first appeared in Farrago’s Wainscot.

“Prayers and Shoe-Shi” (yet another poem!) first appeared in RHINO Poetry.

“In the Dim Below” first appeared in Guernica.

Job Hazards: Stories  is a chapbook of my work published by WordRunner e-Chapbooks. It contains both new and previously published stories.

“Athena” and “CEO” first appeared in PANK.

“Fathers” first appeared in Silver of Stone.

“Berchta” first appeared in Guernica.

“Larissa Communes with the Virgin” first appeared in Hobart.

“Larissa Shoots the Moon” first appeared in SmokeLong Weekly.

Also, here’s a blog post from Kenneth Nichols with some commentary on that story.

“The Genie” first appeared in PANK Magazine.

“Sled Cats” first appeared in Triquarterly.

“Mapping the Brain” first appeared in Passages North.

“Three Larissa Stories” first appeared in Booth Journal.

“The Dog Stone” appeared in Indiana Review, and here you can listen to me reading it in a podcast.

“Polished” first appeared in Scholars & Rogues.

“Eating with Mr. Chicken” appeared in PANK.

“Mr. Chicken” also appeared in PANK.

“Bianca’s Body” was first printed in Hayden’s Ferry Review.

“Visitation” appeared in Lake Effect.

“Ears” was published in Guernica.

“Things I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You” was printed in So to Speak.

“Business” appeared in Scholars & Rogues.

“Theodore Roosevelt’s Eyebrows” also appeared in Scholars & Rogues.

“Feet” appeared in PANK.

“A Few Words With God” appeared in Scholars & Rogues.

“Larissa and the Mermaids”  and “Larissa Meets Bigfoot” first appeared in Exterminating Angel Press.

“Nine Years, Two Months, and Eight Days After Him, I Order a Pizza in Rosebud, South Dakota,” first appeared in Saxifrage Press.

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